Industrial Visit

Industrial Visit to Singapore
23rd March 2017 to 28th March 2017

31 students of First Year and Second Year SVKM-KU BBA (Hons) were accompanied by Dr. Dimple Kaul, I/C Director and Dr. Rohit Kichloo- Asst. Professor to an International Industrial Visit to Singapore.

Day 1 Friday, 24th March 2017

Students and staff reached Singapore at around 9 am in the morning. The climate was very similar to that in India, humid, but the major difference was the clean air. The ride from the airport to the hotel at Orchard Street, gave a glimpse of the beautiful and well planned city.

The journey started off with a visit to Sentosa Island around 2 pm. It is Singapore’s fourth largest island. 70% of the island is covered by secondary rainforest, the habitat of monitor lizards, monkeys, peacocks, parrots as other native fauna and flora. Students enjoyed the various rides and other attractions at Sentosa and returned in the evening to have dinner at an Indian restaurant. All students and staff stayed at the same hotel.

Day 2 Saturday, 25th March 2017

Students and staff visited Universal studio around 11 am. Universal Studios is one of the best theme parks in the world. There are a total of 24 attractions, of which 18 are original or specially adapted for the park. Students really enjoyed at Universal studio. This was the full day trip for the students. Students and staff returned in the evening to have dinner at an Indian restaurant at 9 pm, before retiring to the hotel room.

Day 3 Sunday, 26th March 2017

Students and staff started with the Industrial visit to NEWater Plant. In 1998, the Public Utilities Board and the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources initiated the Singapore Water Reclamation Study (NEWater Study). The aim was to determine if NEWater was a viable source of raw water for Singapore’s needs. Using NEWater helped reduce the demand on the reservoirs for potable water. More specifically, it is treated wastewater (sewage) that has been purified using dual-membrane (via microfiltration and reverse osmosis) and ultraviolet technologies, in addition to conventional water treatment processes.

The water is potable and is consumed by humans, but is mostly used by industries requiring high purity water. The quality of NEWater consistently exceeds the requirements set by USEPA and WHO guidelines and is cleaner than Singapore’s other water sources.

Following this, students and staff went for a short city tour which included half an hour ride on the Singapore flyer, visit to Merlion Statue, Garden by the bay etc. This was followed by visit to Marina bay Sands top floor from where everyone had a view of the entire beautiful city.

Day 4 Monday, 27th March 2017

A full day seminar for SVKM- KU students was organised by Aventis Business School, Singapore from 10 am to 5 pm on this day. Mr. Samuel Teo-CEO, Aventis Business School welcomed the students and staff of SVKM and informed us that Aventis regularly organises public lectures, featuring leaders from various disciplines to educate the public. The school had invited Prof. Aloysius Lee-an international speaker to conduct the full day seminar on “Essences of Marketing”. Printed hand-outs of the topics covered in seminar, pens and paper were provided to all students to refer to and to take notes on.

The students were served refreshments during the seminar at Aventis. The students left the business school at scheduled time after which they had free time for shopping around Orchard Street.

Day 5 Tuesday, 28th March 2017

Before proceeding to airport, students were taken to Chocolate gallery and to Singapore City Gallery. Located between historic Chinatown and the Central Business District, Singapore City Gallery is a three storey visitor centre which houses an enormous model replica, giving visitors a complete view of the Central Area of Singapore. It explains how “forward-looking, long-term and integrated land use planning and partnership between private and public sectors is achieved” in Singapore.The Gallery also presents “creative solutions to balancing different competing needs, the many live, work, play opportunities planned for, extensive conservation efforts and urban design strategies to create a more distinctive Singapore.”

The overall experience was informative, educative and enjoyable and this experience shall be cherished by all students.