With the onset of 21st century, the world changed making individuals’ not just citizens of their country but a global citizen as well. Due to globalization, the traditional education approach, which tends to be more monolithic, needs to be shaped. A new approach to education using international programmes can help change the preview of education in this era. International programmes are designed with the insight to broaden the knowledge of students and help them in understanding diverse cultures, traditions to promote globalization. SVKM have always been a pioneer of modern education with global perspective. With this objective, SVKM’s IIS collaborated with Kingston University, London in 2006 to pursue a global undergraduate programme in Business Administration – BBA (Hons.) program and thereby modernizing the educational approach. Global management education is such a vast and a dynamic field that only an Undergraduate degree doesn’t suffice a student’s quest for universal knowledge. With this objective and extending our tradition as quality international education providers, we have collaborated with the University of Canberra, Australia to conduct and deliver unique integrated Bachelors and Masters programs.

At SVKM’s Institute of International Studies, our goal is to nurture human resources for contributing to ever-evolving business practices across the globe. Our programme is designed so that the students get the best of both worlds – their home country and their host country. Each academic year begins with a foundation programme which is specifically designed with the objective of enabling the students belonging to different academic background ease into the international platform through guest lectures from academicians and corporate professionals. The student also goes through a rigorous curriculum as per international standards and competes along with international students which is further encouraged by giving scholarships to the best performing students. The students also get the opportunity to broaden and deepen their perspective, and gain practical sense of how the corporate world works through internships and industrial visits. The designed learning pedagogy enhances the students’ skill-set through classroom projects, fieldwork and interactive e-learning platform (Canvas learning management system). The curriculum also helps students to gain an integrated perspective across functional areas with responsibility and flexibility by coordinating and facilitating management and cultural festival. With this objective in mind, SVKM-IIS has been continuously evolving and adapting to provide our students with congenial environment. SVKM-IIS has a strong alumni working in various sectors across globe and paving way with their entrepreneurial abilities.
We extend a hearty welcome and invite students to avail this opportunity to become future leaders of the world.